Users Meeting: 9th June 2023. 10:30am

Users Meeting: 9th June 2023. 10:30am

Apologies all; this post didn’t go live when it should have so late notice to say the least but…

Hopefully people are aware that we’ve a users meeting planned for 10:30am (no earlier!!) at Plas Dol y Moch ( Friday the 9th June to discuss the use of the mines within the LCMLA scheme. The plan for the day is to provide people an opportunity to discuss any issues with the mines and to update users on some of the outcomes from this years inspections which will have an impact on many of us.

Following the meeting the hope is to have a working party head up to Wrysgan Slate mine to complete some of the works we’ve been asked to do. This is basically building up some wall barriers so underground kit and gloves are recommended.

See you all tomorrow,

Gethin, Ed & Phil.

Bwlch y Plwm Rope Replaced

80m of rope has been put instu within Bwlch y Plwm to replace the damaged rope reported earlier this year. Some additional anchors have also gone in to hopefully reduce the rub points although some sections have clear plastic tubing over the rope to protect it.

We’ve also left about 2m of rope either end of the traverse so should a section be damaged we’re spare rope to cut out damaged sections (please don’t trim it!)

Bwlch y Plwm Bridge Fixed

Bwlch y Plwm Bridge Fixed

A few weeks (maybe months!!) ago we had reports that the bridge in Bwlch y Plwm (top of the stope) was dead…

Good news it its now been fixed! The new bridge has yet to be secured to the floor so please be careful if you’re using it (the exit at that level was flooded when we looked at it last week (19th Oct, 2022). We’ll look to bolt/tie it down soon. There’s also no mesh on the top so it may become slippery over time; we’ll need to monitor this and sort it out if it’s problematic. Please do let us know!

Rhiwbach update

Rhiwbach update

For those using Rhiwbach, you’re likely to be aware of some areas of concern highlighted last month (notices were placed at the entrance to the mine).

This area does not appear to have changed in over a month. Those buying into the inspection scheme have been issued an update on the area today. Please check in with whoever you’re working for to ensure you’re aware of the update.

Please continue to report any changes immediately via the mine reports email group

Rhiwbach Forest Armageddon

Hello All, 

We had a group in Rhiwbach today, the forest looks like a bombs hit it, I’ve not seen it that bad in the 16 years I’ve worked here! On entering the forest we quickly decided it was not a good place to be, with some amazing noises and swaying trees. Not long in the paths blocked by various large trees. 

We retreated around the forest and up the hill to access the mine from the east. On entering from that side one of the trees above the mine entrance has fallen looking menacing but solid. Further into the forest there was a significant tree down blocking the path. 

If accessing the mine from the fields it will be necessary to walk through the village which we’d need to be sensitive about.