Rhiwbach Ropes & Anchors

Most fixed ropes within the mine are managed by Go Bellow, with the exception of the rope safeguarding the traverse around the pool on floor one which has been installed through funding for the NW Mine Reports.

Floor 1 Rope
Installed Aug 2021
DMM Worksafe 11mm Batch Number: 1763192/ 1768971
Manufacture Year: 19/06

Anchors throughout the mine have been installed by appropriately competent people and within manufactures guidance. Following installation anchors are tested by pull testing them to 6kN for at least 15 seconds. All tested anchors have been marked with green cable ties (or red if they’ve failed, although failed anchors are removed as soon as possible).

Please report any damage to any installed infrastructure as soon as possible either through the mine report email group or here