Mines Inspected

Here is a list of the mines that form the North Wales Mines Inspections Scheme for the LCMLA. Please report any changes to access or concerns with venues so this list can be kept current. All sites in bold are currently used with the scheme, greyed out sites are historic and listed here for reference only.

Category Description

Last Updated: May 2022

For a full description see the accompanying notes by clicking here

Category 1: Simple, structurally sound site that would normally only need one inspection. Re-inspection on request

Category 2: Relatively simple/structurally sound site that may contain some mine hazards. Re-inspection by arrangement. Requires monitoring by users.

Category 3: Complex site. Requires periodic inspection by a mining engineer, typically once a year or every other year. Constant monitoring by centre staff. Any changes to be reported through the mine’s inspection scheme either through this website (click here) or if registered with the scheme by email to minereports@googlegroups.com

Category 4: Unsuitable for group use

Aberllefenni (Crane Adit) 3 Apr 2018 Pending access New ownership (2018) No access
Aberllyn (lead) SH795581 4 May 2008 On request/ change Staff training only
Aberllyn No. 6 Level SH795578 3 April 2022 On request/ change New venue pending access agreement
Bishop Goodman Quarry Tunnel SH 56776 60364 2 Apr 2017 On request/ change Slate quarry tunnels. (Quarries not inspected)
Brynglas (slate) SH732423 3 Sept 2003 Needed prior to use No record of use.
Bwlch-y-Plwm (lead) SH624412 3 Apr 2023 Apr 2024 Annual Inspection
Cambrian (slate) SJ189378 3 May 2008 Staff training only
Cefn Coch Adit SH719233 2 April 2010 Access unknown.  National Trust use
Conlog (slate) SH670467 4 May 2009 Deteriorating. Withdrawn
Croesor Adit (slate) SH657457 2 March 1996 On request/ change No record of use
Cwmbychan/ Aberglaslyn Gorge (copper) SH602472 2 April 2014 On request/ change Re-inspection on request
Cwmorthin (slate) SH683464 3 Apr 2023 Apr 2024 Access managed by Go-Below. Some areas limited to Go-Below groups only
Cwmorthin Floor 4 (slate) SH680640 2 April 2022 April 2024 Access arrangement through Go Below.
Cwt-y-Bugail (slate) SH734470 3 Dec 1995 Unsuitable Withdrawn from use
Dinorwic Tunnels Various (see report) 2 Apr 2016 On request/ change
Dolgoch Adit (slate) SH654043 2 Apr 2010 On request/ change 4 adits one with bats
“Fish Caves” (lead) SJ068813 3 Apr 2023 Apr 2025 Vertical trip
Gaewern (slate) SH745086 3 Apr 2018 Needed No access agreement
Henddol (slate) SH619122 3 Apr 2022 Apr 2024 Access arrangement with Pro-Active
Klondyke (trial) SH765622 2 Dec 1995 Gated. No Access
Geironydd Adits (Bryn Cenhadon) Various 2 Apr 2020 On request/ change Re-inspection on request
Llanymynech Ogof (copper) SJ266288 2 Apr 2021 On request/ change Re-inspection on request
Minllyn (slate) SH852139 3 Apr 2023 Apr 2025 2 yearly inspection
Moelferna (slate) SJ125399 4 March 1999   Staff training only
Pandora (lead) SH767601 3 April 2011 No access agreement
Parc (lead)Level 3 SH787603 3 May 2008 Needed prior to use No up to date report due to collapsed entrance
Parc (lead) Level 2 SH 78770 60150 April 2016   Staff training only
Penrhyngwyn (slate) SH704419 3 April 2014 Access issue, no valid inspection
Penarth (slate) SJ107424 4 May 2008   Staff training only
Rhiwbach (slate) SH746476 3 Apr 2023 Apr 24 Permit needed (click here)
Rhosydd Adit 9 (slate) SH665462 2 May 2009 No record of use
Talargoch (Meliden) SH059805 3 Apr 2015 No updated report due to access
Wedding Cave SJ 266540 2 April 21 On request/ change Re-inspection on request
Waunfawr Tunnel SH555604 4 Sept 2003 Unsuitable
Wynne (slate) SJ199379 2 Jan 1997 Withdrawn 2012
Wrysgan (slate) SH675469 3 Apr 2023 Apr 2024 Annual inspection