Useful images from previous inspections

Here’s a few images/warnings issued over the years that still stand for some sites. These images have dropped down to the bottom of the news feed on the site so I thought I’d add them again and stick them to the top of the updates feed.

Rhiwbach Brow

Here’s a photo of the brow taken after the cracks were originally painted, this image can be used to compare any changes

Rhiwbach Entrance Adit

Picture of the entrance which has seen some vegetation’s slippage over the Winter of 2015-16

Rhiwbach Top Entrance

Photo following clearing some loose rock at the exit of the mine

22 MineReports2013 Rhiwbach Top Exit Picture

Wrysgan Slab

Route passed the fallen (eased) block between floors 4 & 5 in Wrysgan


Wrysgan Roof

Section of roof which pealed away in 2014. Photo can be used to compare changes

WrysganRockFall 2014

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