Possible movement within the boating chamber, Rhiwbach

Hi All,

I’ve just heard that there may have been some movement within the boating chamber of Rhiwbach, the painted cracks still remain however there may have been some movement on the side wall, and some new cracks in the brow itself. I’ve not seen it myself.

I’d suggest it prudent to avoid the rafting pool until further notice.

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  • September 19, 2013 at 6:09 pm

    It was me that reported this. I was in there today with a group and on arrival at the boat chamber I noticed the usually crystal clear water was a murky brown colour throughout. Nobody else was in the mine. Close inpection revealed ‘fresh’ looking slate on the corner diagonally opposite the chamber entrance that has the metal bar across it. Close inspection of the brow revealed a crack on the left side when moving inbye, and a fresh looking area above and to the right of the tell tale paint marks. The crack on the side wall looks like it has widened slightly.
    My suspicion is that the side wall is moving, possibly with falls also occuring below water level. I elected to bypass the chamber.
    Chris phillips


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