Anchors in slate testing

Happy New Year!

Over the Christmas break we’ve placed several more anchors in 4 different test beds around North Wales, 2 in Cwmorthin, 1 in Corris and another in Cambrian (near Llangollen). There’s more info here:
We’re planning to test these anchors to destruction, having first “exercising” some of them (by pulling them to 6kN 6 times) to see how them perform. This should give us some statistically sounder data on how anchors perform in slate including different areas.
A rough timetable at the moment is to head to Cwmorthin on Tuesday the 6th of January, then Cambrian on the 7th of January (probably around 10am each day).
If you’re interested in helping out (and we really could do with some help! There’s some pretty heavy kit to carry up!!) please do get in touch


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