2017 LCMLA Mine Users Meeting Agenda

Meeting: 25th January 2017

10am-1pm Oaklands OEC

Following last years gathering it was suggested we try to arrange an annual get together for those using the mines in North Wales. The aim of the meeting is to try and discus a variety of topics such as access, bolting, radon and this years round of mine inspections.

Details are also available here: www.northwalesmines.worpress.com

Rough Agenda

  • 10am Welcome/Introductions
  • Access
    • Update from CAL (Cave Access Ltd) who are manage access to some of the mines owned by National Resources Wales (previously the Forestry Commission)
    • Developments with Bwlch y Plwm
    • Talargoch
    • Parking at Rhiwbach
    • Any other issues?
  • Radon
    • Where we’re at and what next
  • Recent rockfalls underground
    • Rhiwbach boating chamber
  • Mine Inspections for this year (27-31 March)
    • Works on Rhiwbach
    • Venues: Bwlch y Plwm, Cwmorthin, Fish Mines/Caves, Gaewern, Geironydd Trials, Minllyn, Rhiwbach, Talargoch, Wrysgan
    • Any additional sites people would like to have inspected & are people available to accompany Les
  • AOB

I’d hope we could rattle through this lot in a few hours, hope you can make it. Directions to Oaklands can be found here: http://oaklands-centre.co.uk/index.php/contact-us/how-to-find-us/


22 January 2017




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