2015 Mine Inspection Reports available soon

This years mine inspection reports have now been completed and will be available soon.

We’ve extended some areas and have had to remove one chamber on floor 1 (technically floor 2) of Rhiwbach, this being the forth chamber in along the last set of workings to the right (as you’re walking in) of the main adit. Also the chamber on floor 4 with the remains of a tripod on the floor (third to the right of the main drive) which had access partly into the chamber has had the whole chamber condemned. Plans of the effected areas have been emailed to those who’ve purchased the reports.

Also some rock was taken down in Wrysgan on floor 3, in the same area highlighted a few months ago. This route has not been condemned but does require monitoring.

We’ll be looking to conduct Radon tests in a few of the main mines used this Summer, so the cost of this years reports will be slighting increased to cover this cost. We’ll publish the results of the Radon tests as soon as we get them.


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