Wrysgan bolting/cable

Information for users of Wrysgan mine.

On Monday the 1st Feb myself Jim and Andy paid a visit to do some stabilisation work on the alternative route between floor 1 and 2. There was a rough route up almost immediately inside the first chamber on floor 1. Half way up this rubble slope there was a large step with a very dodgy pack wall. We reduced this to a slope and spent some time stabilising the path and moving it closer to the chamber wall. Being close to the wall, the slope should hold up to downhill traffic better than the original route. It will require some traffic to bed it down so take a little care for the time being.

On Monday the 8th Feb a visit was made by me to the mine to place some new anchors and remove the old cable on floor 3.
2 new Collinox resin anchors were placed on the rising traverse from floor 1 to 2, one near the floor and one near the top. These 2 Collinox bolts split 2 of the longer sections of the traverse and make it slightly less exposed rigging uphill and reduce potential slide distances for clients. To make use of these, pack an extra couple of karabiners or maillons and allow a metre or so of extra rope. All the Goujons in the area were checked and tightened where required.
Up on floor 3, near the dressing sheds entrance, a new Collinox anchor was placed close to an existing one to create a compact and high anchor pair for rigging abseils and lowers. It should also be possible to use the 2 bolts as pull through anchors.

Some of the older, more corroded anchors were cut out in these areas to try to de-clutter the mine. There remains a number of Petzl stainless steel plate hangers attached to regular steel spit sleeves with very corroded bolt heads. These anchors should probably not be trusted and there are nearby resin anchors to use in preference in most cases anyway. It is always best to keep steel or alloy types consistent in sleeve, bolt and hanger anchors in fixed rigging to prevent accelerated corrosion.

The cable on floor 3 was also removed during this piece of work, it now being redundant as the traverse can be rigged bolt to bolt at a higher level.

Any feedback is welcome on the new rigging or guides.


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