Rhiwbach Updates (8th April 2013)

Rafting Brow

22 MineReports2013 Rhiwbach Boating Brow PictureFollowing this years inspections (reports will follow soon, just waiting on some final content) we where advised to paint a few cracks in the brow above the rafting pool and monitor them for 3 weeks. The cracks where painted on the 6th of April. We’ll need to monitor the marked areas to see if the brow has stabilised before re-installing the boat trip. Please continue to avoid this area with groups.

Top Entrance

22 MineReports2013 Rhiwbach Top Exit PictureLast week Miles pointed out some loose rock above the top entrance to the mine, most likely a result of the freeze/thaw. Over the weekend we also removed some sizeable blocks hanging above the entrance! Click here to watch some film footage.

The bulk of the loose rock has been removed, and the path leading from the entrance cleared of debris. Having confirmed this with Les Riley (mine engineer), we can continue to use that entrance. However I would advise all groups leaders to monitor the quarry roof, and move groups swiftly away from the entrance/exit.

Thanks to both Sharon and Ross for helping out.

Gethin. 8th April 2013

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  • May 9, 2013 at 10:27 pm

    Looked at the brow today (9th May 2013), and the paint has dried and filled the cracks (with a slight exception of the line marked as 1 on the photo, which has a slight crack as I couldn’t reach it with the brush!)

    So happy to use the rafting pool as long as there’s no change to the painted crack lines.

    9th May 2013


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