Rhiwbach Buoyancy Aids

We’ve introduced a periodic inspection regime for the BAs in Rhiwbach, with a log of the inspections held on a red clipboard in the mine.

Illustrations of the cover sheet, log pages (blank and following first entries) and numbered/marked BAs are here

Could staff using the mine please make sure any defective BAs are removed from the mine given there’s no secure “isolation” bin for any found to be damaged. Please also let us know if you do remove any BAs so we can make sure we keep enough in stock either through the contact us part of this site or through the email group. 

Here’s a video outlining the method used to float test a sample of the BAs. 2 older BAs were tested, both exceeded standard rated on the BA.

This system may well evolve based on feedback from users so feel free to get in touch if you think the system is not robust enough.

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