Radon Monitors

Radon Monitors

Radon monitors have arrived and will be placed over the next few days. Please do get in touch if you’re around and fancy getting out of the sun for a few hours to place them!

Monitors are to be placed in designated sites, below is a list of whats going where. They will be in place for 4 weeks then sent off for analysis. Once they’re back the reports will be added to the mine inspection reports folders online.

If you spot any of the monitors when underground over the next few weeks please do not fiddle with them. They are sealed in plastic bags and should not be opened or moved. May be worth briefing your groups…


Radon Tests Sites for North Wales Mines

  • Rhiwbach slate mine (6 test kits)
    1. Ventilation door/Head of incline (Floor H, Head of incline)
    2. Tyrolean start (floor I, Ch3East)
    3. Large Chamber on first floor (Floor H, Ch2East)
    4. Museum on first floor (Floor H, Ch8West)
    5. Museum on floor 4 (Floor G, Ch8West)
    6. Base of waterfall climb (Floor F, Ch1East)
  • Wrysgan (2 tet kits)
  1. Pitch head/Air Shaft between floors 1 & 2
  2. Top of roped climb (Floor 2)

  • Fish Caves (2 test kits)
    1. Head of main pitch
    2. Far end of floor 1 workings
  • Bwlch y Plwm (3 test kits)
    1. Bridge
    2. Crossroads on floor 1
    3. Far end of floor 1, 5th adit West
  • Cwmorthin (5 test kits)
    1. G Floor Chamber Z38
    2. Caban 1934, Floor DE, Ch34
    3. Compressor Chamber, Floor DE
    4. Stripey Vein, far chamber
    5. Top of freefall pitch
  • Cwmorthin Floor 4 (1 test kit)
    1. Wire ladder junction
  • Gaewern (2 test kits)
    1. Top of fixed ladder climb
    2. Top of “hole in floor” pitch